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Ms. Tucker has many admirable qualities. She is an accomplished dancer, diverse in style with a broad range in space and effort dynamics. ...she has an excellent understanding of the body-mind both humanistically and scientifically. Her movement abilities are well-informed and engaging; her creative work is mature and compelling; and her bodywork with others is efficient. She has an understanding of the human element that is a necessary quality for teaching excellence and pedagogic maturity. I greatly enjoyed and benefited from having Ms. Kista Tucker in the Laban Certification Program. She...had a great sense of humor and love for movement and dance. She is the caliber of person and professional expert I would not hesitate to have on my team.

Peter Madden, Director
Laban Certificate Program Extension


I have known her to be a teacher of great insight and clarity who is much respected by her students and colleagues. Her choreography is full of wonderful ideas and movement invention.

Garth Fagan
Founder/Artistic Director
Garth Fagan Dance


I have the highest regard for her talent and her achievement. As a performer she can flawlessly execute the most technically demanding roles; she can achieve real dramatic depth, and she has demonstrated an astonishing versatility in the range of roles that she has performed. As a choreographer she shows a great sensitivity in conveying both emotional and aesthetic material. She has a consummate command of her craft and again has the strength of versatility in the range of themes which she explores. Through patience and expertise she was able to help the students prepare an excellent program and also to help them achieve a sense of ensemble and a pride in themselves and in their accomplishments. ...Ms. Tucker is an accomplished professional and capable of excellence in whatever assignment she is given in our field.

James A. Payton
Graduate Program Director
Department of Dance
SUNY Brockport


She has developed a very specific philosophy of pedagogy and dancing that have given her the strength and motivation to accomplish an impressive array of accomplishments. She is deeply concerned with the emotional and physical health of her students. Among her greatest gifts is her ability as a performer... I created a work especially for her..., a dance calling for exceptional maturity of dynamic coloration, phrasing and dramatic intent, and she performs this piece really wonderfully. It is full, also, of technical virtuosity, which she executes without ever calling attention to it.

Bill Evans
Bill Evans Dance


Kista is dedicated and selfless, and has an unusual combination of both traditional dance experience and that which is most current in the profession. Watching a ... colleague continue to develop as both an artist and an educator is wonderful; in Kista’s case, it has been exceptional. Our students are very happy that she is back a Brockport..., intermediate and advanced students have registered for her beginning level technique course. ...we are confident in her ability to meet our high expectations...

Jacqueline Davis
Associate Professor
Department of Dance


SUNY Brockport I am very pleased to recommend Kista Tucker as a strong, experienced teacher of modern dance, a skilled and eloquent choreographer and an efficient, responsible administrator. Ms. Tucker’ at The Ohio State University was outstanding. I strongly recommend her as a teacher/artist with substance and vision.

Rosalind Pierson
Associate Professor and Director
University Dance Company
The Ohio State University enthusiastic teacher with enormous curiosity and a sense of adventure. She works with both the science and artistry of dance and is most interested in fusing these aspects... Kista is a wonderful role model. Her work habits are disciplined and her own dancing is beautiful, technically secure, intelligent, and stylistically versatile. This gives her teaching an authenticity that makes her one of the rare breeds of artist/teachers so important in dance..., ideas, and artistry.

Susannah Newman
Associate Professor
Department of Dance
SUNY Brockport


She is most capable and reliable as well as foresightful and imaginative. Her skill in modern dance technique is demonstrated in her choreography, in her own dancing, and in the classroom. ...a strong teacher of modern dance technique and choreography on all levels. I have appreciated her as a resource person for graduate students at [SUNY] Brockport. Her works are clear in movement and style-with no loss of drama and with.

Sondra Fraleigh, Chair
Department of Dance
SUNY Brockport


I...have developed a sincere admiration for her unique choreographic skill and professionalism in the teaching arena. Her dancing style, though entirely different from my own, is one that I recognize as technically thorough, well polished and tremendously expressive. Having witnessed her performing the dances of diverse choreographers as well as her own [work], I am aware of her extensive interpretive range. Though extremely articulate in dramatic roles I consider her greatest strength in the area of lyrical interpretation. This perhaps due to the astute musical approach she brings to her expositions. Kista has taken the initiative of going beyond the limitations... Her kinesiological and physiological understanding of movement is more than noteworthy. primary endorsement of Kista Tucker is as a choreographer and performing artist for it is in those two areas that my own critical evaluation is most valid. She has my full support both as a friend and colleague.
Clyde W. Morgan
Associate Professor
Department of Dance
SUNY College at Brockport
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