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Physical Therapy Workshop with Sunday Homitz
A Hands-On/Educational Experience



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Postponed Until Fall 2010
Exact date TBA

Atlas Fitness Center
42 Nichols St.
Spencerport, NY 14459

(Behind McDonalds)




Physical Therapy Workshop for dancers, sports enthusiasts, and non-dancers. Addressing physical therapy techniques for injuries specific to participants needs. Also examining areas of strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, and nutrition.

Sunday Homitz (LPT, BFA Dance) Ms. Homitz, was the former therapist for the Cleveland San Jose Ballet from 1988-1997.  She founded Body Technic Systems, Inc., 1997, an international physical therapy and performance arts clinic in Cleveland, OH. Her clinic, an International site for performance arts and clinical study, has hosted students from human movement science from the University of Queensland.   She is Certified in Pilates and conducts a Pilates Teachers Training School.  Additionally, Homitz is also a Certified Practitioner in Body-Mind Centering, a Certified instructor in Gyrotonics, and is Certified in Resistaball. Further training includes Upledger Craniosacral, Visceral Manipulation, and Neurmuscular, and Zero Balancing.  She has taught in the University of Akron Dance Department for ten years and has also taught at The Ohio State University.



Descriptions of Sessions

Session 1- click here

Session 1

Injury prevention seminar: focus on distinction between iliopsoas and the 6 abdominals set.

Course description: the student will be able to derive an understanding of exactly how the set of six abdominal muscles are configured and how they act synergistically in connection with the hip socket pelvis, low back, spine, legs and the pelvic floor along with supporting a large part of the torso and assisting with a fairly infinite variety of movement.

Session 2- click here

Session 2

Strength vs. Weakness (part I)

What is defined as strong versus what is defined as weak, all body systems will be taken into account in this section of the workshop and we will actively explore why muscles become weak, why they remain weak, how they change from a weaken state to a strengthened state and... Contrary to popular belief, how to apply all this information from this course to work your rehearsal and studio schedule, technique schedule, life schedule, work schedule , any recuperative schedule, performance process schedule, rest and sleep schedule.


Break- click here


Individual 15 min. appointments with Sunday Homitz - $25.00 each

1:30-1:45 -- Available
1:45:2:00 -- Available
2:00-2:15 -- Available
2:15-2:30 -- Available
2:30-2:45 -- Available
2:45-3:00 -- Available

Session 3- click here

Session 3

Nourishment for the body, nourishment for the soul (part II)

The dance student will learn to generate a productive path for themselves to refine their own personal philosophies for nourishing themselves. With this, you will find order for yourselves to achieve and maintain independence and a strongly supportive lifestyle to maintain a positive outlook and most importantly develop your own personnel keys to productivity.






Additional Rates

Individual Sessions 1:30-3:00

Observation Fee




Send registration form and check made payable to:

Kista Tucker Dance, Inc.
310 Viking Way
Brockport, NY 14420


Registration Form


Please note: Space is limited because of the intimate nature of this workshop.
A minimum number of participants is necessary in order to secure this workshop.

For further information call 585-330-7751




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