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Teaching Philosophy & Aesthetic Perspective


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  Teach - guide the whole individual.   Be aware of current concerns.  
Realize that the self passes through many phases. Different aspects of the self are exhibited as the individual travels through life.   Know when to: leave alone, step in, stir up, cover over, push. Know when to encourage, reprimand, smile . . .
Guide students/self toward excellence.   Integrate dance/self into other aspects of art/life.
Know established norms of excellence and guide the student to know and understand these standards. And possibly more importantly, guide the student to be able to determine her/his own aesthetic values.  

Be all and nothing.

Be honest.

  Trust the intuitive self and assist students toward finding their own intuitive powers.
Guide toward open awareness, guide toward enlightenment, guide toward the individual’s knowledge of self and how the self relates to society.   Be committed to teaching (learning).
Encourage self-motivation in students.   Encourage students to be committed to learning.
Be available, yet be able to separate.   Know that no individual can learn everything at once.
Be firm yet flexible.   Communicate a sense of joy and love of dance.
Be committed.   Assist the student to develop from the inside out.
Grow through teaching and learning.   Teach by doing. Guide through example.
Encourage intellectual curiosity, questioning.   Strive to be patient, supportive and able to make students want to work hard.
Impart a sense of self-worth, self-esteem.   Know that expectations are a little different for each student.
Separate self, integrate self.   Be demanding and supportive.
Encourage students to provide their own energy.   Exhibit love of dance/art through example.
Guide students to become self-sufficient--so that they will continue to grow after formal schooling and without the teacher.   Know when to push, when to let go
Be aware and knowledgeable of the many systems at work: emotional, muscular, economic, neurological, circulatory, psychological, digestive, political, aesthetic . . .  
Impart a sense of open-mindedness.   __________

“I attempt to be honest, enjoy what I am doing, strive toward what I believe to be excellence, know that I am contributing something positive toward the growth of humankind, be open-minded and have a sense of humor.”

Kista Tucker

The Wall -- Choreography by Kista Tucker  


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