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The David Lynch Project



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The David Lynch Crowd
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A new group created for the intrigued, experienced, and the inexperienced--for those curious about David Lynch and his work. Based in Rochester, NY, the group will have special "events" here on Facebook and will also have occasional meetings. Though meetings will occur more frequently in the Rochester area, they can also be held online, in other cities, villages, or places.


Preview Showing

"Randolph County"

Dec. 4 & 5 -- 8:00pm
LaDanse Workshop -- 67 Lyell Ave., Spencerport, NY 14559

Kista Tucker believes she should check the "other" box on forms when it comes to ethnic background. She was born a Hoosier. After years of effort and education, she has decided to reach a wider audience. Her current ventures tend to create their own world--worlds that bring audiences to them. She believes one purpose of her work is to invite people to question, to ponder, and from what she's learned, they do. They don't always understand, but they do question. Our world, our society, our "givens" need a good review. Randolph County is real. This low-populated, rural community is real. While it secrets a variety of personalities, overlooks uncomfortable situations, and fosters trust in an untrustworth world, it is also a community that many call home.

Tucker started choreographing this evening length work, the David Lynch Project, in January 2009. Because of an awareness of similarities between Lynch's work and her own, she began an indepth search to learn more about Lynch (the film director and painter) and his work. She also complimented this investigation with a study of her own work. Information was and still is being gained via movies, books, audio CD's, videos, word-of-mouth, articles, online resources, and considerable gut feelings. Gut feelings are the strongest connector. The other research assists in understanding those gut feelings.

Tucker's active knowledge of Laban Movement Analysis (she's a Certified Movement Analyst) greatly enhances the material and assists in establishing greater understandings.

Two previous works created and produced by Tucker, Simple Stick People (2006) and Genevieve of the Woods (2008), seem particularily fitting for this project. SSP just happened and it was with this dance that Tucker recognized similarities in her work and David Lynch's work. Genevieve... should appear closly linked because it was used a pilot project for Randolph County, the working title for an evening length movement art experience. Aspects from both SSP and Genevieve... will be incorporated into the final work. Additional pieces from her repertory also elicit similarities with Lynch's work. Of course, his work evolves and so does hers. Perhaps this crossing of paths will be momentary, but the information gained through examination enriches the next project.


We have a photo shoot scheduled for August 17th. Hopefully, we'll be able to put up some images of the new work-in-progress.

Check out "The 1,000+ Project"! Costumes for The David Lynch Project will be acquired from funds gathered by "The 1,000+ Project." We'll be able to record our progress and post some clips of some movement samples with the video camera. Sadly, the one we've been using for over ten years broke. Lynch recommends not using High Definition video because the audience may get lost in the details. The more grainy quality of regular MiniDV's creates more of a sense of mystery. We don't know what we will do here, but we will have options once the new camcorder is obtained.




      Kista Tucker Dance, Inc.
44485 Chamberlain Ter. #203
Ashburn, VA 20147

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