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Choreographic Works




Kista Tucker in "Crippled Bird" image from choreographic work "be"
KT Warm Up Book/DVD Project KT   in progress
David's Fire Kista Tucker Insights   May 2014
Obstacles Kista Tucker Insights   Spring 2012
Postcards from VA Kista Tucker Insights Spring 2012
Snow Numerous Organizations on going
Postcards from Ada KT / KTd, Inc. July 2011
Nahant KT / KTd, Inc. May 2011
Exposed KT / KTd, Inc. November 2010
Blue Hill: A Sense of Place KT10SI Rep July 2010
Randolph County (David Lynch Project) KT / KTd, Inc. June 2010
Snow & Down River Road KT/ Cambridge Contemporary Dance Company, Cambridge University -- United Kingdom April 2010
Anvilean Christina Sears Etter August 2009
Down River Road People Dancing--Ann Arbor, MI August 2009
Two Tears in the Dirt (reconstruction) KTd, Inc. & KT09SI Participants July 2009
Where the Deer and the Antelope Play KT09SI Rep July 2009
Genevieve of the Woods KTd, Inc. September 2008
Bohemian Stroll KTd, Inc. May 2008
Flower Watch KT Solo July 2007
Simple Stick People SHSU & KTD, Inc. March 2007

November 2006

The Road (formerly Road Home) KTDC & SHSU November 2006
Moment to Moment KTDC/SUNY Brockport Students Chautauqua July 2006
Fear of Calm KT Solo—Chautauqua July 2006
Two Tears in the Dirt (re-choreographed) KTDC May 2006
Wounded KTDC May 2006
Trio (reset) KTDC—North Harris College April 2006
The Wall SHSU April 2006
I am, we are (reset) Lamar University February 2006
Trio (reset) Texas A & M January 2006
Two Tears in the Dirt SHSU November 2005
Sheep (reworked) Michigan State University September 2005
Sheep KTDC & SHSU April 2005
Swing Dance KTDC January 2005
Days Remembered KTDC January 2005
Tucker Road SHSU November 2004
Conroe Celebration KTDC for City of Conroe, TX November 2004

The Korean War Veterans Memorial Project "Forgotten No More"

KTDC & SHSU June 2004
Untitled Dance to Traveling Soldier SHSU May 2004
Three Faces of Woman (reworked) SHSU April 2004
In the Garden SHSU April 2004
Remembering Elvis KTDC April 2004

Three Faces of Woman: Determined, Understanding, Passionate


November 2003

I am, we are (reconstructed) Michigan State University April 2003
Trio (reconstructed) Michigan State University April 2003
I am, we are KTDC March 2003
The Secret SHSU   March 2003
Les Lieux des Oiseaux SHSU   November 2003
Mudbirds GWU, Washington, DC   April 2002
Lucid Dream #4--Mother GWU, Washington, DC   November 2001
Salvador’s Morning (reconstruction) Michigan State University   March 2001
Inner Edge GWU, Washington, DC   March 2001
Trio (reconstruction) GWU, Washington, DC   March 2001
Rough Cuts (reconstruction) GWU, Washington, DC   November 2000
Remembering Grandpa (fish, spider, circus, princess) KTDC   May 2000
Pathways KT & Gene C. Lynch April 2000
Summertime Past KTDC December 1999
In Our House SUNY Brockport November 1999
Do you know where you are? KTDC October 1999
Untitled Youngstown, OH July 1999
The Butterfly KT Solo May 1999

Friends: from room to room we dance

SUNY Brockport   May 1999
The Archetypes KTDC   May 1999
The Empty Chair KTDC May 1999
Writing Goodbye KTDC April 1999
Millie and the Monsters KTDC -- Jamestown, NY April 1999
Motility--A Collaboration

SUNY College at Brockport Eastman School of Music, Rochester Institute of Technology        

April 1999
Blue Eyed Elaine SUNY Brockport March 1999
Writing. . . KTDC December 1999
Dreams 1, 2, 3 KTDC November 1998
The Gift SUNY Brockport October 1998
Echoes KTDC October 1998
Black Hole Rondo Youngstown, OH August 1998
Bird Christina Sears Solo June 1998
Rough Cuts KTDC May 1998
The Caregivers (parts 2 & 3) KTDC March 1998
The Caregivers (part 1) KTDC December 1997
Silent No More KT Solo November 1997
Night Stirs Youngstown, OH August 1997
Dog Dreams KTDC July 1997
The Labyrinth Burhyte Students July 1997
Little Old Men KTDC May 1997
Oma’s Chocolate Box KTDC

May 1997

Oma’s Regret Brockport Students May 1997
Salvador’s Morning KTDC May 1997
Part 1 - Trio (currently called "Trio") KTDC June 1996
fire eyes, knowing eyes University of South Florida November 1995
Blue (AKA “Cully’s Trail”) Helanius Wilkins Solo June 1995
fire eyes, knowing eyes KTDC February 1995
Warm Ups KT 1995

Clara’s Freudian Dream (from Nutcracker Follies)

Brockport Students   1994

Arabian Dance (The Trec) (from Nutcracker Follies)

Brockport Students   1994
Maga KT Solo November 1994
be KT Solo August 1994
Two Tears in the Dirt Potsdam Students November 1993
Progress Brockport Students 1993

Arabian Dance (The Trec) (from Nutcracker Follies)

Brockport Students 1993

Clara’s Freudian Dream (from Nutcracker Follies)

Brockport Students 1993
Two Tears in the Dirt Brockport Students May 1992
Why? Brockport Students


Ibex Priska Jessberger Solo Spring 1992
Forgotten Fields Brockport Students 1991
One KT Solo Spring 1991
Fractured II KT Solo 1991
Untitled Lecture Demonstration Brockport Students 1990
Facet IV - Altered Ground Cover Brockport Students 1990
Field Brockport Students 1989
Fractured Kalua Griffith Solo March 1989
Facets I & II (Thesis Project) The Ohio State University January 1989
Keep Going! KT Solo 1988
American Pie KT Solo December 1988
A Brush With Movement The Ohio State University 1988
Just for Fun KT Solo Improvisation, Muncie, IN Summer 1987
The Tale of Princess Rainshine KT Solo, Muncie, IN Summer 1987
Title Unknown Ball State Students

Spring 1987

Rooms in the House KT Solo Summer 1986
Many Untitled Works San Antonio Ind. School Dist. 1981-1985
Trust the Willow in the Wind KT Solo, Port Townsend, WA Summer 1984
Jacks DanceArt/SA, Austin, TX Spring 1984
Furrowed Moor DanceArt/SA Spring 1984
Electra Trinity University, San Antonio, TX 1983
Turnabout DanceArt/SA 1983
Harnessed Force DanceArt/SA 1983

Greenline (AKA “Come to the edge, he said” and “Lonesome Child”)

KT Solo 1982
Fly Gently DanceArt/SA 1982
Frank DanceArt/SA 1982
A Time to Count DanceArt/SA


Ceremony of Carols DanceArt/SA 1982
Heads DanceArt/SA   1982
Snow DanceArt/SA   1982
Tapestry DanceArt/SA   1982
Fine Cuts DanceArt/SA   1981
The Victims DanceArt/SA   1981
Mary, Clyde, & Eddie II DanceArt/SA  


October’s Song DanceArt/SA   1980
Night Walk DanceArt/SA   1980
Passage KT Solo  


The Music Man (the musical) Emporia, KS   1977
Mary, Clyde, & Eddie UNCC Students  


Charlotte Ruby Contemporary Dance Theatre   1976
Dance for Six UNCC Students   1975
1776 (the musical) Kent State University   1974
Die Fledermaus (the opera) Kent State Opera Students   1974
The Abeyant Sins of Man Porthouse Theatre Dance Co.   1974
Trio - Title Unknown Kent State University   1972
Good Woman of Setzuan Ball State University   1969
Title Unknown Ball State University   1969
Myopic View of Ionesco Ball State University 1969
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